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Share some Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 70-533 exam questions and answers below.
You manage an Azure Web Site that is running in Shared mode. 
You discover that the website is experiencing increased average response time during periods of heavy user activity. 
You need to update the website configuration to address the performance issues as they occur. 
What should you do? 
A. Set the website to Standard mode and configure automatic scaling based on CPU utilization. 
B. Configure automatic seating during specific dates. 
C. Modify the website instance size. 
D. Configure automatic scaling based on memory utilization. 
E. Set the website to Basic mode and configure automatic scaling based on CPU utilization. 
Answer: A 

You manage two websites for your company. The sites are hosted on an internal server that is beginning to experience performances issues due to high traffic. 
You plan to migrate the sites to Azure Web Sites. 
The sites have the following configurations: 

In the table below, identity the web hosting plan with the lowest cost for each site. Make only one selection in each column. 


You are migrating a local virtual machine (VM) to an Azure VM. You upload the virtual hard disk (VHD) file to Azure Blob storage as a Block Blob.You need to change the Block blob to a page blob.What should you do? 
A. Delete the Block Blob and re-upload the VHD as a page blob. 
B. Update the type of the blob programmatically by using the Azure Storage .NET SDK
C. Update the metadata of the current blob and set the Blob-Type key to Page. 
D. Create a new empty page blob and use the Azure Blob Copy Power Shell cmdlet to copy the current data to the new blob. 
Answer: A

You administer an Azure Web Site named contoso. The development team has implemented changes to the website that need to be validated. 
You need to validate and deploy the changes with minimum downtime to users. 
What should you do first? 
A. Create a new Linked Resource. 
B. Configure Remote Debugging on contoso. 
C. Create a new website named contosoStaging. 
D. Create a deployment slot named contosoStaging. 
E. Back up the contoso website to a deployment slot. 
Answer: D 

You manage an Azure Web Site named contosoweb. 
Some users report that they receive the following error when they access contosoweb: 
¡°http Status 500.0 - Internal Server Error.¡± 
You need to view detailed diagnostic information in XML format. 
Which option should you enable? To answer, select the appropriate option in the answer area. 


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